Saturday, April 25, 2009

Check This Out!!!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Well Happy Easter everyone!! Today my family and I are just going to reflect on what today means to us and how and what God has given us. On how Jesus gave his life for our sins and rose from the dead. How blessed we are to live in a Country were for now we still have freedom of religion, and be thankful for all our blessings. There are so many people in this world and even in our Country that have yet to find God. I pray that those of us that are blessed in knowing God find a way to touch the people that have not found their way to God or are not believers in him. Please if you are a believer in God then do not be afraid to talk about him all the time to others. Tell them of your faith, and of the wonderful promise he has made for us that believe in him. I know some Christians that are "shy" and do not like talking about God to no one but their family, friends that they know believe in God, and at church. But we are all soldiers of God so therefore we are to go forward and spread his word and his promise to everyone, not just other Christians. So please open your mouth no matter where you are at or where you go and let the word of God flow. Happy Easter and God Bless!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pepper Needs Love Too

Our Blue Healer, Pepper, has hurt her eye some how and it is swollen, red and had some drainage. I do not think that it is pink eye, I believe she got some debri in her eye and that has irritated it or possible cause a small cut on her eye. Anyway I let her get up on the loveseat with me, which is the one piece of furniture that our dogs are NOT allowed on, I did put a blanket down first and she laid up her snuggle up to me and feel asleep with her head in my lap. She just needed some TLC to make her feel better. Dogs are just like little children when they get hurt, scared, or sad. They all just need to be reassured that they are love and that someone cares. We have five dogs and even though it is espensive to take care of all of them, but we find away to always get them to the vet, get their checkups, get their shots, and get their medications and flea prevention. We love each one of them as if they were one of our kids. April 15th is Peppper's Birthday and she will be 1 yr. old. I will be making her a cake made of dog food, and we will have Birthday hats for all the dogs, and have our camcorder ready to film her first Birthday Party. So everybody make sure to wish her a Happy Birthday!! We love you Pepper and Happy Birthday baby girl!!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dog Throwing Up Worms!?!?

Ok my Black Lab totally freaked me out yesterday. I was sitting here on my lap top in my comfy chair and he just threw up. I hate when they do this to begin with but when I got up to clean his vomit up I freaked out and hollered for my husband because in his vomit there was these gross spaghetti looking worms. I immediately started looking up what this could be online, don't you just love the Internet. I think the Internet is great considering he did this last night after our vet was closed. Anyway I soon discovered that they were probably roundworms. But I still freaked out at this because you see, my Black Lab "Harley", is only going to be 6 months old on April 13th, 2009, and I have spent a fortune on him keeping him current on all shots and worm medications. But apparently they still can get worms at any time. So off to Wal-Mart I go, a 49 mile drive, to buy some worm medication, because everything else is closed around here where we live. So I get there and find the pet isle and then there it was, a whole damn shelf full of worm medications. Which one to buy? God only knows. I stood there for the next hour reading all these bottles, looking up on the Internet on my cell phone these ingredients, and getting infoemation on the best product to buy when I finally decided the hell with this. I called my vet's office got his answering service and asked them to have him call me. I mean after all I have spent a fortune at his office over the past 10 years with our dogs so it is not going to hurt him to call me after his business hours. Ten minutes later while I am still standing there in Wal-Mart my phone rings and it is Doc. I explained everything to him, and he tells what I can buy or if I wanted to wait until tomorrow (now today) and come by his office he will send me some worm medicine home free of charge, well except for the gas money. I of course asked him if it would be ok for Harley to wait until tomorrow (today) and he said that it would be fine. So since my husband drives right past our vets office to go to work each day I decided to go back home and let him pick up the medicine tomorrow (today). So I drive 49 miles back home, took a shower, and went to bed and fell right asleep from the stress I had just endured from one of my loves of my life, Harley!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Correcting & Encouraging You Child

This is an overview of some proper techniques that can be used by a parent to encourage their child to help them build a bridge to a better relationship and teach their child how to be a more productive member of the family. For more great information please click the link below.